David Callender


Our newest employee watched a cashier ring up a customer on time and that was all the training he needed. He was up in running on his own in minutes.

Marc Eisenberg


The Service Manager Program is Awesome! We increased our labor revenue over 30% the first year and brought a whold new level of professionalism to our Service Department"

Matt Perkins

Industry Rep

I am fortunate to have the experience of using Positive Results at the retail level and I currently work for a vendor that continues to work with retailers that use the system.  When I used the system in a retail environment, I used all aspects of it from the cash register, service manager program, inventory control, sales reporting, and beyond.  The addition of the service program increased my stores service revenue over 30% the first year.  I also spent over a year working with the software while serving in a purchasing role for a multi-location retail chain.  I was responsible for purchasing many categories from many vendors. Ultimately the program truly helped me execute my job accurately and efficiently in all areas of the retail and corporate environment.  I now work for a vendor that partners with Positive Results users and they seem to be the most efficient to work with.  The program integrates very well with us.  A perfect example is all of the product we ship to our retailers using this system is pre labeled.  If I had to summarize my favorite benefit, the program increases efficiency of mundane task.  This creates time to use the reporting tools of the program to analyze and improve a company’s overall business